Social Initiatives

Following are the glimpse of the social initiatives Laljibhai took for the upliftment of the human being and the society.

Save the Girl Child Mega Campaign

Social unbalance was observed in Gujarat due to alarming decline of number of females against male. To maintain the equilibrium, Laljibhai decided to run a massive movement on conceptual revolution in the society to stop female foeticide.

Inline to that, under the presidency of Laljibhai, Samast Patidar Samaj has planned Maha Laddu Beti Bachao Abhiyan. To encourage people to participate with empathy in this movement, handful of grains and a glass of water were collected from 2,35,000 households to create a gigantic bundi laddu of 300,000 kilogram with the diameter of 65 feet and 35 feet of height. Moreover, with an appeal to stop female foeticide and cultivate the attitude of equality towards girl child, 170,000 6-page informative booklets were distributed throughout the state.

The history made on 1st Jan 2006 when Surat witnessed a massive gathering of 12,00,000 people from entire Gujarat. With the presence of 1600 dignitaries of different community chaired on 7 huge daises, witnessing the prasada of Laddu, 1.2 million people took oath that we will never do female foeticide and prevent others doing the same.

Post the event prasada of which was delivered to 3.5 million families of Gujarat who also took oath for saving girl child while accepting prasada. Limca Book of Records has proudly acknowledged this program.

This vast movement helped improve gender ratio in Gujarat at 890 girls to 1000 boys in contrast to 761 girls in year 2006 and has created psychological change, people start believing that girls are in no way less than boys. The discrimination is reduced to the level that people started celebrating birth of girl child as same as they do for the birth of boy child which ultimately added about 100,000 more girl child in the state in last decade.Media also regularly takes note of this activities and spread awareness in the society and helps to bring psychological change towards female foeticide.

Women Empowerment

In 2008, Trust arranged Surat to Somnath Yatra, and with an emotional appeal to join people to this yatra, girls themselves, from 226 schools wrote 200,000 letters sent to 18,000 villages within yatra route.

Leaders from different community with 400 cars participated in the yatra, kick started by the then CM of the state Shri Narendra Modi, which travelled 837 kilometers throughout 9 Districts. On the second day when the rally reached Ahmedabad, CM Narendra Modi with his Ministers addressed thousands of people during the night gathering and urged them to be a part of this Beti Bachao movement.

Inter-caste Marriage under Roti-Beti Relationship

Under the presidency of Laljibhai Samast Patidar Samaj led Roti-Beti Scheme and concluded with 72 marriages of daughters from dowry intensive states. These inter-caste marriages were publicly encouraged and widely supported by the society.

Sukanya Bond Distribution

To encourage 10,000 couples that have one daughter and blessed with another during year 2015 and 2016, recently the Trust rolled out scheme of Sukanya Bond Yojna worth INR 200 crore at maturity of 21 years.

Under the Sukanya Bond Yojna, honoring 10,000 families with INR 200,000 bond each, adds feeling of joy and sense of inspiration in the society; it further assures more girl child in the future. After the series of activities, now girls themselves became confident and came forward to speak bravely about their feelings in public. Many poems and books have been written on the subject of gender equality, importance and empowerment of women.

These steps taken in the prevention of female foeticide were widely welcomed by the State and the Central Government. Due to this, the laws on pre-natal sex determination were strictly enforced, and various schemes to encourage people to have a girl child were launched. This vast movement will continue till the gender ratio will be balanced. The improvement in the sex ratio eventually reduces crime like rapes and dowry.

Collective Weddings of 151 Daughters

Laljibhai, has proudly completed 151 marriages of needy daughters in his village to facilitate dowry free, simple marriage functions as per Arya Samaj traditions. Later, he also honored these couples for being a part of social upliftment and spreading awareness to new generations.

Wealthy Health

Laljibhai helped form the Samast Patidar Arogya Trust, where he ensures building an unprecedented multi-specialty hospital at Surat that will be boon for ordinary family in days to come as anyone can avail good healthcare very economically, that would have 750 beds, 25 operation theaters, airambulance and be equipped with all modern medical facilities.

With the thought of “Help Bring Hopes”, Laljibhai designed a program where he is aiding disable people with artificial limbs. He also had donated about 350 tri-cycles, walkers and sticks. These specialized “Transportation” creates a sense of freedom in them.

Laljibhai organises free T.B., HIV and Eyes check-up as well as treatment camps in association with Surat Municipal Corporation. The camp facilitates number of needy people a free treatment and medicines, who can not afford available costly medical facilities in the area.

Many accident victims, innocent children suffering from thalassemia, pregnant women, cancer patients and other people in life threatening situations die due to shortage of blood and hence, Laljibhai frequently organizes Blood donation camps to help those in need and overall he has contributed 4681 bottles so far to local blood banks.

Volunteering In Major Disasters

As a part of ambitious Clean India Mission, Laljibhai has contributed in the mass cleaning of the State of Uttarakhand in 2013 when flood hit. Under his leadership more than 3500 emergency kits for victims were delivered from Surat. With the intention to support those who gave their life to save million other lives in Uttarakhand Rescue Mission, Laljibhai consoled their families and helped them financially. In associations with Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust, he also undertook the mass cleaning of Surat City when flood hit in 2006.

In 2015, he also, for the preservation of River Ganga, led Cleaning Abhiyan at Bank of River in Rishikesh with 400 people, this shows that his love for water is not limited to Gujarat only. Moreover, he contributed INR 4.31 crore to Clean Ganga Mission by winning Suit of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the auction.

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